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So much more is
riding on your tires.

Each Big Wheel location has its own service department. From minor adjustments to complete overhauls, our team of professional mechanics will attend to your bike quickly and competently. Most repairs are completed within one day. Minor adjustments are performed on-the-spot at your convenience.No appointments are necessary. All repair work is guaranteed for thirty days.

Tune-Up Services

Mini Tune-Up

Adjust brakes, gears, inflate tires, wipe down frame


Basic Tune-Up

Adjust brakes, gears, headset and crank/bb; laterally true wheels; lubricate cables and chain; wipe down frame.Comprehensive.

$89.95 + parts

Tune-Up Special 1

Tune-up plus
new tubes and basic replacement tires


Tune-Up Special 2

Tune-up plus
new tubes and specialty tires, including slicks, higher end mtn, or Conti Ultra Sport or Tour Ride tires


Tune-Up Special 3

Tume-up plus
Conti Gatorskin or Hard Shell tires



Degrease entire drive train for tune-ups listed above.

+ $35.00

Special Services

Modified Overhaul

Make all adjustments; true wheels; degrease drivetrain, remove crank plates and chain and put in ultrasonic tank; clean freewheel; relubricate chain and cabies and clean bicycle; rewrap handlebars

$199.95 + parts

Complete Overhaul

Tear down all bearing surfaces and repack; strip derailleurs, brakes, cranks, shiftlevers, chain etc. from bike and put in ultrasonic tank; wash and polish frame; replace all parts necessary; reassemble bicycle; rewrap handlebars

$299.95 + parts

Common Service Prices

Flat tire
(replace tube)


Adjust brakes


Adjust gears


True wheel
(Not involving broken spokes)


Tighten pedals/crank


Tighten headset


Clean drive train


Box bike
(includes box)


Assemble and adjust bike
(includes Tune Up)


Assemble and adjust road bike purchased online


Assemble from scratch high-end road/tri bike


Install fork
(not including fork)


Replace bottom bracket/crank set

$50.00 + parts

Install accessories
(toe clips, kickstand, bar ends)


Install accessories
(baby seat, rear rack, computer)


Install tire


Minimum Service Charge


Work not listed above will be billed at



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