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Bike Price Lists

To make it easier for you to find a bike, we're pleased to provide you with quick links to our current price lists for in-stock bikes. Please click on the links below. If you don't find the bike you're looking for on these lists, we'll be happy to special order it for you at the regular retail price.

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Our Bikes

We stock many different models and brands! Please click on the logos below to visit each manufacturer's website and see the many available options. Then click on the above price lists to see what we have in stock. Don't see the model you want in stock? No problem! Give us a call (or come on in!) and we can quickly special order the exact bike you want!


'14 Marin Fairfax SC5
$1299 (msrp) → $899

The Fairfax SC5 comes equipped with top shelf... [more]

'15 Scott CR1 10
$1999 (msrp) → $1799

The best deal on a carbon/ultegra bike just got better... [more]

'13 Scott Foil 40
$2839 (msrp) → $1999

Speed is of the essence for the Scott Foil 40... [more]

'13 Scott Foil 30
$3469 (msrp) → $2299

The Scott Foil 30 Road Bike is an Aero Road bike, developed to be faster and more efficient... [more]

'14 Scott Speedster 30
$1089 (msrp) → $899

The Scott Speedster 30 is a lightweight, efficient, and economical road cruiser.... [more]

'15 Scott Metrix 10
$1299 (msrp) → $1199

The Metrix line gives you the freedom to ride the road... [more]

'15 Scott Metrix 20
$999 (msrp) → $899

Agile and swift, the Scott Metrix 20 bike uses... [more]

'15 Scott Metrix 30
$759 (msrp) → $599

The Scott Metrix 30 bike offers speedy performance on roads and paths... [more]

'13 Fuji Absolute 1.4
$729 (msrp) → $569

Conquer one more climb or push through one more hour in the saddle in comfort... [more]

'14 Fuji Absolute 1.3D
$929 (msrp) → $699

Fuji has struck a chord with the new Absolute 1.3 D flat-bar road bike... [more]

'13 Fuji Sportif 1.3
$889 (msrp) → $759

We incorporated the endurance and comfort geometry... [more]

'13 Fuji Sportif 1.1
$1099 (msrp) → $959

From achieving fitness goals to exploring hidden back roads... [more]

'13 Fuji Roubaix 1.5
$1159 (msrp) → $899

Here is your introduction to true race... [more]

'13 Fuji Roubaix 1.3
$1319 (msrp) → $1199

Whether you're racing or training... [more]